Supporting Businesses during Covid-19


Supporting businesses during Covid-19

COVID-19 FAQ’s for Businesses

White Pages is here to help Australian businesses in this time of uncertainty.

We’ve answered some of our Enterprise customer questions below.

If your business has one or more of the below accounts:

  • White Pages Online (standard or paid listing)
  • White Pages Connect (Multi-Location Management platform)

We encourage you to get in touch with your Key Account Manager or our Customer Success Team to make updates and changes.

If you have access to manage your White Pages Connect account please login to your account here.

Customer Success

White Pages Subscription Information

How do I update my White Pages Online listing?

To update your business details for your White Pages Online reference or to add new information, please contact your Key Account Manager via email or phone.

Some information you may consider updating:

  • Any changes to trading hours or how you are trading during the pandemic
  • Updating your business information, to outline any special precautions, extra services or expected delays for example.
  • Updating your key phone numbers if necessary.

Don’t forget to update your social media channels, Google My Business and Bing accounts to reflect your changes.

Please note, our support line is receiving a high volume of requests and may take up to 5 days to respond to requests via our help centre.

We encourage our Enterprise customers to contact their Key Account Manager or our Customer Success Team.

How do I update my White Pages Connect listing?

With White Pages Connect you may already have access to be able to update your information across the top search engines, social sites, maps and apps – including Google and Facebook.

If you have a managed service or Premium account with White Pages you will need to contact your Account manager or our customer success team:

We recommend updating the following information to keep your customers informed:

  • Any changes to trading during the pandemic.
  • We recommend using the ‘special opening hours’ section of your White Pages Connect.
  • Update your business information, to outline any changes to the services you offer, special precautions or expected delays in light of the pandemic. You can do this in the ‘long description’ section within the basic data tab.

With things changing from day to day, creating posts is a great way to share regular updates with customers on your response to the pandemic and any changes to the business. Regular posts also keep your business front of mind for customers during the crisis. It is important that your posts are relevant and valuable during this time.

To find out more about White Pages Connect for enterprises or get in contact with our team.

Setting special opening hours for my locations?

With many businesses having to alter the way they trade during this we strongly recommend to use special opening hours feature in White Pages Connect to indicate your business hours.

Special opening hours apply for a certain period only. Please use this field to inform customers whether you have had to temporarily close, extend or reduce trading hours during the crisis.

To provide customers with further details, such as outlining why your business has had to implement trading hour changes, it’s worthwhile adding a post to support your special opening hours.

Special opening hours can only be added to accounts that have normal opening hours completed. You should not remove or update your normal opening hours, as this can cause an error.

If you currently manage your White Pages Connect account please click here to login.

UPDATE: White Pages Connect Listings and Reviews.

Please note users now have access to “special opening hours” in basic profile data available now which is supporting Google updates for temporary closures.

Google My Business (GMB) Updates:

Updates to Google My Business profiles

Google has made some temporary changes to Google My Business to focus on the reliability of information on Google Search and Google Maps during the crisis. As a result, there are restrictions on some of the functions of Google My Business:

  • Google is currently prioritising the processing of GMB changes and verification based on relevance criteria. This may cause delays for some business changes.
  • New reviews, new short names, all videos, and all Q&A are all currently unavailable. You will therefore not be able to reply to Google questions through White Pages Connect at this time.

For more information on the changes to Google My Business, visit the Google My Business COVID-19 Help page.

UPDATE: Impacting White Pages Connect Reviews

  • The Posts feature is now allowed for a limited time only by Google for chain businesses which may have 10+ locations. This temporary rule is subject to change by Google.
  • Small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) with less than 10 locations usually have access to Posts. This has not changed.

What do the GMB restrictions mean for my White Pages Connect account?

By keeping your White Pages Connect platform up to date will ensure your customers are made aware of any changes affecting your business.

This is why currently there are no restrictions imposed on White Pages Connect accounts however, you may receive an error if trying to use a temporarily restricted feature as part of the Google My Business (GMB) profile (e.g. responding to reviews).

Any updates made may take a little longer than usual to display on Google My Business only. Google review responses and the ability to post questions and answers are also subject to Google’s temporary functionality limitations.

Changes to Google reviews?

Please be aware that Google have recently imposed additional changes to their rules due to the COVID-19 crisis which may be impacting Connect users.

Posting from a GMB profile

Google posts related to COVID-19 are now temporarily permitted for all businesses with White Pages Connect and the Review module. This rule is subject to change by Google for businesses with 10+ locations.

Important Note: Posts that include a phone number may be rejected.

Posts to Google must mention ‘COVID-19 update’ in the title and should inform your customers of any changes to your services, hours or temporary closures. Posts are text only and Google may reject posts that do not meet their guidelines.

Government Support

What Government support is available for businesses during COVID-19?

At White Pages, we are committed to helping Australian businesses during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

We have compiled some useful links to help you navigate to grants and funds applicable to Australians and Australian businesses over the next period of time:

Help for individuals and households

Help for businesses


  • Visit specific support related to Covid-19 here

Do you need help updating your details?

Our Key Account team and our Customer Success Team are here to help you during this time.

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