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How can White Pages Connect positively impact your business within the Automotive Industry?

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The Challenge

‘From researching to locating a dealership, mobile plays a huge role in the way consumers shop for cars today.’ Companies within the Automotive industry often have a large number of locations and Automotive dealers nationwide. This means managing each individual local branch becomes a little more challenging.

The biggest challenge within the Automotive industry is that it’s common for one location to offer multiple services under the same roof. Finding fuel, car wash, air pumps, groceries and coffee facilities in one place is a pretty common occurrence. 

Therefore, bridging these services together is important. However, from a local SEO perspective it confuses search engines, thus, having a negative impact on your online visibility, e.g. meaning it’s simply harder for people to find you online.


Aside from a quick petrol stop, customers take their car care very seriously. Therefore, deciding who to trust to care for your car, or even finding the right person to buy from, takes a lot of time and research. 

Customers often:

  • visit multiple websites,
  • read reviews,
  • watch videos and discuss with friends before you’ve even heard from them.

Make sure your business and the helpful information you offer is seen through this process and that your locations are shown when they need to be.

Bad data at the point of your customer’s search leads to a loss of sales. With a large percentage of customers searching for your information on-the-go, having your Automotive Industry locations, opening hours and amenities up to date are all incredibly important. With the use of voice search on the rise, specifically with customers who are already behind the wheel, having your location correct across navigation platforms is a must. If customers can’t get to you, they can’t buy from you, therefore having poor online visibility directly leads to a loss of sales.

Put the power in the right hands

Give your branch managers the power to control their own location. 

  • posting to social media,
  • updating their store opening hours
  • responding to reviews

White Pages Connect allows you to manage your Automotive industry location listings online: keeping individual location information such as opening hours, services and current offers up to date. Connect also lets you saturate your online listings with rich data and respond to reviews. This boosts your visibility on major search engines including Google and therefore helps you become optimised for voice location searching.

White Pages Connect partners with a large national Tyre retailer to offer them a method of delegating individual store online listing management to the store manager. This ensures information is up to date and correct for each of their many Automotive industry locations.

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White Pages Connect is suitable for your Automotive industry business:

  • Petrol Stations
  • Service Stations
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Franchise Automotive Dealerships
  • Mechanics
  • Automotive Servicing

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