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How can White Pages Connect positively impact your Banking and Finance industry business?

White Pages Connect - Connecting with your Business Professionals
The Challenge

In only two years, online searches for “financial advisor” grew by 75% and show no signs of slowing down. More people than ever are searching for local banking and finance industry solutions and services online. According to a study by Google, 61% of mobile users call a business when they’re in the purchase phase of the buying cycle.

A 2017 study by the Harvard Business Review found that “when making a significant decision, most consumers want to talk to a qualified human expert. The majority of respondents would call instead of reach out online because they’re looking to talk to a real person.”The study also found that consumers are more likely to call a business when making a high-value purchase in verticals such as auto, finance, or travel. This is incredibly important in relation to location marketing because it suggests that your potential customer would preferably contact you over the phone or face to face. If the information regarding these options is not readily available, they would be likely to take their business elsewhere.

Importance of visibility

Ensuring your individual location listings’ information is accurate online is more important than ever. Having branch opening hours, services and contact information readily available is directly related to customer engagement. Accurate information is the difference between a potential customer investing, purchasing insurance or applying for a mortgage with you or seeking local banking and finance solutions elsewhere.

Factors such as accurate location information, review management and the presence of rich data all contribute to how your locations perform online. Don’t miss out on a potential customer who’s ready to utilise your services, ensure you can be found and contacted! We currently partner with a regional boutique bank to offer a solution for their branch and ATM locations, therefore ensuring their customers have access to their money, no matter their location.

Put the power in the right hands

Control every single location from head office whilst also delegating the relevant control to your branch managers. The facts about your business are constantly evolving and your online profiles should reflect these by being constantly up to date on these changes.

Give your branch managers the power to control their own location. They have the ability to:
-Post to social media.
-Update their branch opening hours.
-Respond to reviews.
-Update location specific promotional material and updates in near-real time.

Having a local presence strengthens brand trust and builds reputation. This gives each location its own personal feel and allows your customers to feel safe and secure in their investments with you.

Is White Pages Connect suitable for your business?

We work with boutique and regional banks with:

  • Multiple locations
  • Retail banking service.
  • Independent accountancy/finance services.
  • Business offering ATM locations.

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