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How can White Pages Connect positively impact your construction or industrial industry business?

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The Challenge within the construction and industrial industry.

If a customer is searching for or wanting to engage in construction and industrial services it is usually a large project which has;

  • large capital investment.
  • complexity.
  • many elements, moving parts.
  • it is a considered search.
  • have a longer buying cycle due to the risk of the project.

A lot of time is spent on researching company reviews and looking into what services are provided. Google have stated that they ‘partner with hundreds of companies that offer products and services, and connect them with the people who turn to us for decision-making help.’

This process can be frustrating, especially when the information is not readily available or accessible.

It is important to build a level of trust between your business and the potential customer but is difficult with only using generic online profiles.

To build a strong relationship with your customer is essential. This can be done by creating a localised experience by the customer by ensuring:

  • accurate and updated information.
  • relevant placement and content.

Where are your projects visible? ​

Nearly 90% of marketers, across all types of organizations, agree that understanding user journeys across channels and devices is critical to their success. The addition of rich data is so important for such a visual industry. Uploading recent imagery of finished projects allows the customer to get a feel for your work. Ensuring your logo is present and up to date across all your profiles gives your company a recognisable feel. Updating your profiles with up to date information and content contributes to how readily your listings are found.

Reviews are one of the most important resources potential customers use to decide whether or not to engage with your construction and industrial services. Responding to reviews not only increases your visibility online, but also creates a local feel by showing you care about each of your customers as individuals. 

White Pages Connect currently partner with a large industrial enterprise who operate hard rock and sand quarries around Australia. We help them manage their many locations and increase their online visibility.

Put the power in the right hands​

Manage every location from head office and delegate control to your location team.

As your business continually evolves, your online profiles should be up to date and reflect the changes.

With White Pages Connect, your location managers have the power to control and provide their own localised profile. This may involve:

  • posting to social media.
  • updating their opening hours.
  • responding to their customer reviews.
  • updating location-specific promotional material. 
  • all in near-real-time.

With a local presence, a business is able to build brand trust and strengthens their reputation. It allows your customers to feel secure in their future investments with you.

Is White Pages Connect suitable for your business?

Currently, we work with a number of businesses in the industrial and construction space including:

  • Steel industry
  • Quarrying
  • Landscaping services
  • Rural land development
  • Building/construction

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