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The Challenge within the Franchise group industry.​

The Franchise group industry tends to split itself into two halves:

  • one half want complete autonomy over their locations and can oversee all online profile activity.
  • other half are happy for each local franchise branch to manage their profiles have complete control over what they upload.

By exercising overall control and delegating individual locations to certain people on one single platform allows each franchise to operate as individuals whilst maintaining control of the collective brand if applicable.

We have partnered with a few of Australia’s largest Franchise groups, assisting them with maintaining the desired levels of overarching control over and delegation of each location.


Each local franchise must be visible in its relevant field. Considering your location rich information, content and data will provide an overall localised experience for your customers.

Ensure each location has updated and optimised information:

  • opening hours and services are accurate all play a part in increasing local visibility online.

Managing a large number of locations across 20 platforms is incredibly time-consuming and a laborious task. ‘Among the 1,800 managers surveyed by Bpifrance, 34% cite complexity as the number one obstacle to the digital transformation of their company’. Don’t let your business fall behind for lack of the correct digital tools.

With White Pages Connect we give you the tools to delegate the management of each Franchise group location to the relevant person.

Put the power in the right hands​

By using White Pages Connect your business can review at a Franchise level and a Franchisee level.

We give you access to oversee every single individual local franchise group branch (if required) from the head office and/or allow the owners of individual franchisees to control their business listings. Result: It becomes much easier to keep the information up to date and regularly add rich data.

As details related to your business are constantly evolving your online profiles should reflect these by being constantly up to date on these changes.

  • posting to social media.
  • updating opening hours.
  • responding to customer reviews.
  • updating location-specific promotional material.
  • updates in near-real-time.

A local presence strengthens brand trust and builds reputation, this gives each branch its own localised personal feel.

Is White Pages Connect suitable for your franchise group model?

In short, Yes. We currently work with several Franchise group based businesses who use White Pages Connect to manage their locations, with multiple access levels and complex business systems.

These include:

  • Large Franchise Group – multi-level.
  • Franchisee and franchisor levels.
  • Franchise retail.
  • Franchise dealerships – automotive.
  • Franchise services.
  • Franchise QSR.
  • Franchise sub-groups/sectors.

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