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How can White Pages Connect positively impact your business in the health and fitness space?

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What is your customers biggest challenge?​

When it comes to managing their health or finding a care home for a loved one, people expect the health, aged care and fitness industry customer experience to be extremely positive.

In 2018 Forbes conducted a series of surveys identified which explained what patients want, and why healthcare companies need to pay attention. It shows patients are looking for healthcare providers to acknowledge their humanity and change the nature of the interactions involved in clinical encounters to make them more human.

With online listings and profiles often being the first impression of a business, being able to show that you care about your clients as individuals is important in presenting your business in the right light.

Is your business is taking the time to respond to customer experience, showing your customers you care?

Can your customer find you? What information is visible?​

According to Forbes, ‘people are telling the stories about their experiences, good or bad, in at least 7 of every 10 healthcare encounters’.

Responding to customer reviews boosts your visibility online and can increase your ratings, with 75% of people claiming that they would change a bad review if the business responded to their feedback.*

Are your services and business details up to date?

Ensuring services and opening hours are correct and up to date build a sense of trust with the customer.

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a variance in opening hours and service information across a business’s location profiles, inconsistency and false information plays a part in pushing people over to your competitors. 

Saturating your profiles with rich data also increases your visibility and strengthens customer trust, providing photos of staff is a great way to introduce the friendly faces of your business to potential customers. White Pages Connect currently partner with a number of aged care companies, helping them focus their attention on ensuring customer service is at the forefront of their business.

*Disclaimer: We advise GP’s follow guidance from The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and your professional association when responding to patient reviews.

Do you have the right people managing your location information?

To control every single location from head office is important whilst also delegating to your practice/location managers.

As information regarding your business is constantly evolving, make sure your online profiles reflect these changes.

By giving your local managers the power to control location information in near real-time they will be able to:

  • posting to social media,
  • updating opening hours
  • updating location-specific promotional material

Maintaining a local presence:

  • strengthens brand trust
  • builds reputation

Most of all it allows your customers to feel safe and secure in their decision to trust you with their health.

Is White Pages Connect suitable for your business?

We currently work closely with the following health-related businesses:

  • GP practices
  • Aged Care and residential homes
  • Dental/Orthodontic
  • Multi-franchise Gyms
  • Chemists/prescription service

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