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How can White Pages Connect positively impact your business within the QSR industry?

White Pages Connect - Brining your business to life with local Seo
The Challenge within the QSR Industry

Your customers are hungry for information, and they want it now. From reading your reviews, looking up menus and hunting for foodie images, the hungry are a more informed bunch than ever. Therefore, missing information is enough to make your potential customers look elsewhere. The QSR industry is extremely competitive, with nearly 38,000 QSR restaurants nation-wide (according to a study by IBIS World). Being a QSR with a local presence and being seen amongst the competition is more difficult and more important than ever.

National and global brands often have countless locations to manage simultaneously which can be a time consuming and labor intensive activity. For global brands, the difficulty therefore lies in the micro: creating a strong local presence and appealing specifically to potential customers near them.

Visibility to the business

Reviews are such an integral aspect of choosing a place to eat and can be make or break when it comes to engaging with potential customers. 75% of people claim that they would change a bad review if the business responded to their feedback. Therefore, encouraging and interacting with your customer reviews is a foolproof way to increase engagement and visibility. This means that providing feedback actively improves your QSR Industry business’ reviews.

Building a sense of trust with your customers by being a business within the QSR industry with a local presence is imperative. Keeping your opening hours up to date as well as posting current offers and rich data across multiple platforms provides the consistency that customers crave. Manage your information for each individual location across multiple endpoints from one central source of truth.

Put the power in the right hands​

Manage every single QSR Industry location from a senior level whilst also delegating the relevant control to your location managers. Give your managers the power to control their own location. From posting a photo of a drool-worthy burger to social media, updating their store opening hours, responding to their customer’s reviews and updating location specific promotional material in near-real time. Having a business within the QSR Industry with a local presence strengthens brand trust and builds reputation. This gives each location its own personal feel and allows your customers to feel safe and secure in their purchase with you.

White Pages Connect is suitable for your business:

Multiple locations with differing information.

Striving for a local marketing presence.

Aiming to increase online visibility.

Drive through locations.

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