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How can White Pages Connect positively impact your business within the retail industry?

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The Challenge within the Retail Industry

According to Google Trends the online searches for ‘shops near me’ have increased by 325% in the last five years. With more shoppers than ever using location search to find what they need, ensuring your business is visible online is imperative. Online Visibility is necessary in order to stand out from the crowd and be seen amongst the competition.

In today’s market, virtually all large brick-and-mortar retailers also have a strong online presence. Being visible online is important, even more so to brick and mortar stores. This is to ensure your customers know the nature of your store and where and when they can find you. According to Forbes, only about 28 percent of small businesses make their sales through the internet. However, this doesn’t mean that in-store sales haven’t originated by finding your store details online.

The Solution

Factors such as accurate location information, review management and the presence of rich data including up to date photographs and current offers are incredibly important. They all contribute to how your Retail store industry locations perform in online listings. Don’t miss out on making a sale, ensure you can be found by your eager customers! A recent Google report states that ‘mobile searches for “best deals” have grown by over 90% in the past two years’. Consumers are constantly searching for the best deals, therefore saturating your profiles with rich data is more important than ever.

We currently partner with a nationwide large paint retailer with over 100 locations to offer a solution to their lack of online visibility. White Pages Connect has allowed them to keep their individual store details up to date and correct, as well as allowing managers respond to individual customer reviews as customer service as one of their core brand pillars.

Voice Search and power of ‘near me’

It’s no surprise that the Retail industry is the most voice searched industry. The monumental rise of voice search usage is evident, be that through Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Dot and in-car navigation services. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure your business is optimised for these services in order to avoid losing potential customers. Ensuring your website is optimised for voice and conversational search as well as “near-me” will enable your customers to find you quicker.

Give your team the power

The retail industry is a fast-paced business with seasonal business hours; last-minute hot deals and pop-up locations. The facts about your business are constantly evolving and your online profiles should reflect this by being constantly up to date.

Give your store managers the power to control their own retail industry location. From posting to social media, updating their store opening hours, responding to reviews and updating location specific promotional material in near-real time. Having an engaged local presence strengthens brand trust and builds reputation. It also gives each location its own personal feel and allows your customers to feel safe and secure in their purchase with you.

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Is White Pages Connect suitable for your business?

If you answer yes to the following, White Pages Connect could be the tool you need to help grow your business further. 

  • multiple store locations.
  • franchisee-owned retail outlets.
  • localised approach to retail marketing.
  • poor individual store review management.
  • frequently changing current deals/sales.

We work with retailers including large Toy retailers, industrial products such as tyers and batteries and also clothing.

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