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What is Local SEO

Ensure your customers can find your business wherever they are looking

What is local SEO?

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimisation) is a method of online marketing to help promote your business’ products and services to local customers at the exact point in time they’re looking for them online.

Online business listings and directory entries boost local visibility on Google. by having a presence across several online platforms will increase your visibility, optimising your local SEO and making it easier for your business to be found by customers.

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White Pages Connect - Securing your business data

Importance of citations


The creation and maintenance of reliable location data in trusted directories is the foundation for local ranking.

Data consistency strengthens the confidence of the search engines, ensuring key information including location addresses and opening hours are consistent and correct across all listings.

Assembling strong citations with consistent data points is the key factor for improved visibility in local Google search.

How It Works

Control content and reduce risk

Google is still the most used search engine in Australia, holding a market share of 95% as of May 2019 (1). GMB (Google My Business) listings are subject to 3rd party updates and edits by consumers, prospects, and competitors, which enables the information displayed to be altered without your authorisation.

With a Google Local Guide status, Google users have the power to make unauthorised updates and changes to business information including maps, listings, and business details.

White Pages Connect - manage your reputation at a local level

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White Pages Connect - Ensuring your business is listed across all relevant platfroms.

An increase in mobile “near me” searches

Understanding the customer buying cycle is crucial. With online searches turning into offline purchases, consumer searches for “near me” locations have increased by 100x since 2011 (2). It’s now more important than ever to invest in your business’ online visibility and local SEO optimisation can help with that.

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Platforms for perfect presence

To attract customers searching online and bring business into physical stores or business locations, a consistent presence across all relevant digital platforms and devices is crucial.


Web search especially for Desktop PCs. Google maps is widely used on PC, IOS and Android devices.

Google – Online presence

A holistic local SEO optimisation strategy may improve the ranking for a local website, map entries and profiles of online directories.

Mobile Apps & Online platforms

Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage in Sept 2015 (2).

Online platforms have more than 10 million monthly visits (4).

Maps & GPS

Map Apps like Apple have up to 46% of the current market share.

Car navigation systems for “points of interest” or POI searches.

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Utilising Google’s 3 Pack

Google 3 Pack

There are several factors that determine your ranking in Google searches and whether or not your business is listed in the elusive ‘Three-Pack’.

The factors include completion of your Google My Business profile with critical information such as:

  • business category,
  • location,
  • operating hours,
  • description and more;

Other factors:

  • Respond to customer reviews;
  • saturating your profiles with rich data (images, videos etc);
  • providing up to date contact information and links to business websites
  • Keep customers in the loop by posting about your recent offers and events.

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The local business universe

The aim is to ensure White Pages Connect is at the centre of your local business universe. It acts as a source of truth controlling business information, store location, and franchisee details. This single point of truth feeds into the primary channel group (purple).

For multi-location brands, it is critical to have a single source of truth. One which is accurate, up to date and enables information to be syndicated to all endpoints accurately.

The primary (inner) ring is essential in order to capture the attention of today’s consumers. Google, whilst tiered at the same level as the initial ring, would take up over half of the chart if it was based on importance. Whilst GMB is important, it’s even more important to ensure the other channels are optimised for your consumer traffic.


Data Aggregators

Data aggregators are responsible for transmitting a large portion of the data that exists in the local search ecosystem.

They maintain a level of accuracy to many directories and are referenced by POI (point of interest) data in traditional in-car navigation services (4)

Navigation Services

Navigation services power a segment of consumer localised searches in-car navigation, so it’s important to be optimised for these services for the customers that are looking for you on the go.

Social Media

Facebook and Bing operate as independent sources of traffic, ensuring other platforms in the ecosystem also benefit (e.g. Instagram and Cortana). (6)

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