Reputation & Review Management

Reputation and
Review Management

Managing your customer reviews is one of the most important channels a business can use to optimise their online reputation.

With White Pages Connect Socialise you will be able to improve your customer experience and stay ahead of your competitors by engaging and trouble-shooting online customer issues quickly.

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White Pages Connect - manage your reputation at a local level
White Pages Connect - SaaS Reputation Management in one place

Customer reviews influencing business performance

Did you know, customer reviews influence your business performance in local search results? By responding to reviews you may see an increase in clicks, website visits, number of prospects and ultimately sales.

By enabling this feature you will be able to respond to reviews, and improve your customer experience with your products and services.

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Facebook reviews vs Google reviews

Whilst Facebook reviews can be deactivated (which we do not recommend) Google reviews are always live. A bad review isn’t a bad thing. It is an opportunity for you to address the problem and fix it with the customer.

Proactive management of reviews is essential for both customer experience and online brand reputation resulting in a Win-Win.

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White Pages Connect - engage with your customers at a local and enterprise level

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