Set Up & Onboarding Hub

Welcome, our mission is to get your business onboarded quickly and efficiently so you can start making the most of your White Pages Connect platform.

Some of these items may take a little while to get confirmation on so we advise looking over this list and get started sooner rather than later.

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Ensure you have a White Pages Connect Champion, subject matter expert, lead, or owner

With all SaaS and cloud-based products, we recommend businesses to have a dedicated person or team that manage and look after their White Pages Connect product. It makes sense if this person/team currently manages the GMB profile (or Google products – e.g. Google Analytics / Adwords) and/or Facebook (if you use an external agency it is still recommended that a person who sits inhouse within the business oversees the process).

Who is the ideal person/team?

At Thryv Australia our brand marketing team look after these for each of our brands, they manage the our locations in White Pages Connect as well as ensuring profiles claimed in GMB are correct.

Google My Business (GMB) and Facebook

Google My Business and Facebook are APIs that are critical in the set-up of your White Pages Connect tool. Our dashboard reporting is driven off your Google business profile data for each of your business locations.

Whilst Facebook profiles are not vital, we recommend including them as part of a consistent local presence experience to get the most from the platform.

Google My Business profiles

Each of your business locations will need to have a unique Google Business profile (also known as a GMB Profile).

Some of these profiles may already be claimed (aka the profile is owned by your business) some profiles may not exist and need to be created.

Claiming your GMB profiles

In order to claim GMB profiles, an account will need to be set up with Google My Business.

We recommend that a Google account be created (using a business based email) such as Click here for more details. (this link will open in a new tab) > select use my current email.

In order to set up a Google My Business account, you will need to create an account by creating a location if it doesn’t already exist or by requesting access to an existing location.

Googles prompts will lead you in the guide and set up and/or confirmation of account

GMB Claimed Status Meanings

So you have found a location and not sure if it has been claimed?

“Manage this listing” – indicates the listing has been claimed already and will require permissions to access.

“Own this business?” – indicates the GMB profile has not been claimed/managed and will require the GMB management process.