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White Pages Connect ensures all enterprise business locations are listed on all the places that consumers are searching; whether that is via platforms, apps, directories and reviews before making a purchase.

White Pages Connect

Can assist with building a strong global online presence this gives you the power to manage multiple locations within one spot.

White Pages Connect integrates with leading search engines so your business is found where your customer is searching.

The dashboard consolidates all the insights and performance of 20 (and more) directories, social media, and data publishers.

The power is in your hands with full control option, or a managed solution (where we do the work) or a bit of both. We will work with you to ensure your business needs are accommodated and we get the results required.


What is a google my business (GMB) profile? Do you have multiple business listings in Google? Google platform is designed for the “searcher”, so if a customer is looking for a product and is doing a “near me” search it will identify businesses that meet the customers needs at the point in time. Google also will create business profiles based on search algorithms your business isn’t featured or listed. Your business profile can also be created by Google users – customers can create and edit business location data which can be misleading for your potential customers and partners. So how can you control all the GMB updates to business variables? We have a direct API integration with Google. This means your Google My Business (GMB) profile (including Google Maps information) can be managed in near real-time. White Pages Connect aims to consolidate and remove duplicate listings and ensure only the relevant and owned listings are available to your customers

How do you manage your Facebook profiles? Have you found you have multiple pages, some created by customers? Businesses need to control the brand position and also maintain a level of brand authority. If your brand message isn’t consistent across all touchpoints you may be unintentionally damaging your brand and customer experience. Our aim is to consolidate all potential rouge Facebook pages into your Facebook Business Account. This ensures your brand is consistent and gives you back control. Getting visibility of what this looks like across multiple pages is essential. What are your followers saying about your business is critical when looking at the future. How are your customers talking about your brand? Are they providing constructive feedback and product reviews? Your response to these customers (including lack of engagement) will impact your customers experience and long term, customer loyalty.

As consumers use different apps and platforms some location and business data is integrated via APIs. These APIs cannot be updated and managed directly – White Pages Connect fixes this!

How are you managing all these business locations? Improve your online visibility and data consistency. By improving the accuracy of data across location listings, the greater your online visibility to new and current customers. This will improve your offline conversions as your online presence aligns. This may include an increase in clicks, visits, prospects, sales and more.

Have you had changes in staff or opened up new offices and locations? Sometimes errors can occur within location and business data. It is important to ensure duplicate business listings are removed (this also helps with the performance of local or ‘near-me’ search and improves your customer experience). White Pages Connect conducts weekly searches and analyses thousands of location and data points to remove duplicates and ensure all business location information is correct. As a single point of truth, White Pages Connect manages all your business location information hosted through multiple third-party applications and APIs.

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1. Your business information will be published to Apple Maps if you have >50 locations.

2. HERE and Navmii are the satellite navigation systems used by car brands