Toymate Customer Case Study

Retail Industry

The Challenge

“We were looking at trying to solve the problem of updating all of our trading hours across all of the various social media platforms as well as our website. The team at [White Pages] Connect showed us how the tool worked, showed us through the front-end portal and we quickly discovered it would solve a lot of our problems and pick up some time for us.”

The Solution

“Connect has allowed us to access all of the social media channels with fast, accurate information. And gives us the ability to upload the latest images and information for all of our customers so that they can find us easily.“

The Outcome

“My one piece of advice to other customers using [White Pages] Connect would be to really use the SEO parts of it in terms of new content, new photos, new video, as well as key search words because it really helps you get cut through on Google rankings and other places”

“Our customers are very happy that they can find us on social media: see what our latest trading hours are; look at photos of the store that were taken only yesterday the day before. It’s a platform that allows us to acquire a lot more new customers. The customer service team really enjoys using [White pages] Connect. To upload images, it’s just a drag and drop, to change trading hours is all in one spot instead of twelve; and from a store point of view, it gives them confidence that the customers know when we’re trading.”

The Results


% increase in Visibility and Impressions in Google Search and Maps.​


% increase in Search Queries in Google Search and Maps.​​


% increase in clicks on profile in Google Search and Maps.​​​​​

*Q2 2018 v 2019 comparisons pre Vs. pre and post-White Pages Connect implementation.