Battery World Customer Case Study

Industrial Retail and Franchise


Battery World” is headquartered in Queensland and operate over 110 locations across Australia. A franchise model business, Battery World pride themselves on having a team of Battery experts who provide guidance and support for boating, cruising, driving, and off-road adventures.

The Challenge

In 2018, Battery World” identified that although some franchisees claimed their Google My Business (GMB) profiles, there was a larger issue concerning their digital presence. Over 75% of Battery World locations did not have an owned or claimed profile, which meant that prospects and customers could not easily find their details online.
This issue, along with the inconsistency of content, brand logos, photos and social links, was becoming very difficult to manage.
Battery World kept their listings on the White Pages print and online directory up-to-date, and this became the source of truth for information about their different locations. They then identified and sought to correct old and unmanaged listings, on other directories, that were potentially impacting the customer experience.
The inconsistent information on different franchisees was directly impacting the generation of new business, as individual owners were unable to update, edit and control the content of their own franchise.

The Solution

As part of their overarching digital strategy, Battery World” evaluated their organic and paid search activity. From this, they were able to define and build a localised search experience so customers can easily find the right franchisee. This is where White Pages Connect came in. Working closely with both their White Pages Account Manager, Ravin Oze, and the Connect Customer Success Team, they developed a solution that allowed them to:

  • Claim and centrally manage all 110 GMB profiles
  • Have a consistent brand approach when displaying product and service offerings, keywords and descriptions.

With most franchises being family owned and operated, it was important that listing features such as photos and offers were localised and unique to that store. Each Battery World franchise is well established as part of their community. Capturing this individuality and highlighting it online was at the heart of Battery World’s online presence strategy.
Opening hours were also a crucial part of this solution. With a national footprint of locations, Battery World needed to ensure state-level public holidays were updated and managed at scale.
The White Pages Connect solution has now become the key source of truth, facilitate updates to internal store locators as well as any additional channel marketing support.

The Results

White Pages Connect has enabled Battery World” to become more discoverable when people are looking online for the products and services they provide.
We compared year-on-year performance for Q4 (April – end of June) which showed greater visibility of Battery World and increased engagement with their GMB profiles.


Increase in Visibility and Impressions in Google Search and Maps.​


Increase in Search Queries in Google Search and Maps.​


Increase in clicks on profile in Google Search and Maps.​​

*Results from quarterly business performance report Q4. Data pulled 6th July 2020 for the period. Performance results are not mutually exclusive and can also be attributed to an integrated digital strategy including organic, owned and paid advertising activity from Battery World.