Carlisle Homes Customer Case Study

Real Estate Industry


Carlisle Homes is committed to building homes of exceptional quality for each and every customer. With 21 display home locations across Melbourne and greater Victoria, Carlisle Homes were determined to engage with more prospective home buyers.
In December 2019, they implemented White Pages Connect to ensure their display homes were discoverable to people searching for them online. During the first six months of 2020, the impact of COVID-19 to the Real Estate industry was substantial. Carlisle Homes were required to pivot and focus on strengthening their digital strategy. They created a fully virtual experience for their display homes, allowing prospective home buyers to still tour and evaluate physical spaces.
White Pages Connect helped their online discoverability and played a large role in driving people to the virtual experience.

The Challenge

Carlisle Homes used Google My Business as the primary way for people to discover details about their display homes, online. Facebook also assisted with providing locations and directions to these display home centres. Not only did Carlisle Homes seek to widen their digital strategy, they wanted to grow their organic search experience by appearing on multiple directories.

During this time, they found that their display centres were appearing on other directories. These listings need to be managed to ensure details remained up-to-date and complete. Having to manually update and manage the individual locations (and potentially adding and removing display centres) was becoming a difficult, tedious and time-consuming task.

The Solution

White Pages Connect is a simple to use tool that helps Carlisle Homes manage the different listings of their display homes on various online directories. It has also allowed them to create new listings on directories they previously weren’t a part of. Carlisle Homes now have a single point of control, allowing them to make updates that are published across all locations and directories. They even have the ability to select individual locations to manage as required.

Carlisle Homes have also utilised the White Pages Connect add-on, Socialise, to create and publish posts onto Google. This add-on provides more insight into customer sentiment and allows them to respond to reviews and comments. As a result, they have experienced better customer engagement.

The Benefits

The marketing team at Carlisle Homes found White Pages Connect has really helped them:

  • Have one platform to upload photos, images, offers, descriptions, keyword tags, and optimised content in conjunction with an integrated digital strategy.
  • Receive notifications for customer reviews which gives an overview of customer sentiment, review ratings and keywords in one spot.
  • Add profile suggestions and recommendations – as the team optimise their locations regularly, staying on top of platform updates and features has resulted in 100% profile completion across all locations.

Ashleigh, Marketing Coordinator, also mentioned that the White Pages Connect customer success team are great to work with, very supportive and responsive. This has meant navigating the platform is straightforward and they have seen results quickly.

The Results

White Pages Connect has been integral to the development and optimisation of Carlisle Homes’ online delivery of their display centre network. As rules and regulations in the housing market changed drastically from the pandemic, Carlisle Homes were able to pivot and continue to provide a seamless customer experience.


In Visibility and Impressions in Google Search and Maps.​​


In Search Queries in Google Search and Maps.​​


Increase in clicks on profile in Google Search and Maps.​​​

*Results from quarterly business performance report Q4. Data pulled 6th July 2020 for period. Performance results are not mutually exclusive and can also be attributed to an integrated digital strategy including organic, owned and paid advertising activity from Carlisle Homes.