The best 3 social media campaigns and what we can learn from them

When you can post almost anything on social media, take any kind of angle, promote any kind of business, and speak to any number of people, what do you do? 

Social media marketing is no easy feat, and it can be tough to determine what kind of campaign to run for your business. 

There is no easy answer. However, there are certainly fantastic examples of successful social media campaigns that we can look to for inspiration. 

Here are three of the best recent social media campaigns and what we can learn from them. 

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1. Tourism New Zealand’s ‘Good morning world’ campaign

For exactly 365 days, Tourism New Zealand said ‘Good morning world’ with an exceptional social media campaign. Every morning, the first country in the world to see the sun greeted the globe with short videos from Kiwis young and old, from all over the country, highlighting New Zealand’s beautiful scenery, fun attractions, and friendly locals. 

The year-long project earned Tourism New Zealand a massive 605 million impressions on social media, as well as 12 million comments, and a 1,590% increase in searches for ‘New Zealand’. 

This campaign was extremely ambitious, and while not every organisation has the funding to invest in such a large strategy or the ability to schedule a post every single day, there are key takeaways anyone can learn from. 

  • It focused on Tourism New Zealand’s branding, building the country as a beautiful, friendly, and fun destination
  • It used user-generated content to connect with everyday audiences
  • It was suitable for a variety of audiences across the globe
  • It leveraged the audience’s love for bite-sized content

2. Spotify’s #2019 Wrapped campaign 

In late 2017 and 2018, Spotify used its customer data to put together visually appealing graphics for their users. These graphics were personalised, pulling together the user’s most played songs and artists, the amount of hours users listened to Spotify throughout the year, and the top genre of the year. 

In 2019, Spotify did it again. This time they pulled together user information from the last decade, and put it together in appealing formats designed to be shared across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The company also created bright ads for bus stops, billboards, and other outlets to promote the campaign. 

As a result, Forbes reported that more than 60 million users engaged with the in-app story, and that the campaign had been mentioned on Twitter more than 1.2 million times within its first week. The #SpotifyWrapped posts were everywhere, and it taught marketers a lot about successful social media campaigns: 

  • People love personalised data
  • People love seeing, sharing, and comparing their own data with friends
  • If a campaign is successful one year, you can repeat it next year
  • Making things easy to share on social media will increase shares

Check it out here:

3. The Getty Museum Challenge  

Early in 2020 when much of the world was stuck in lockdown, Getty took a niche social media challenge and turned it into a campaign that quickly began trending on social media sites across the world. 

While it was actually the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam that got the challenge started, it truly took off when the Getty Museum in Los Angeles shared it. The idea was for people stuck at home to pick their favourite artwork from the museum (which could be found online), then recreate it at home. 

This led to more than 50,000 posts tagged #GettyMuseumChallenge on Instagram, and countless more across Facebook and Twitter. It not only inspired thousands of people around the world to do something fun at home and get creative, but to explore Getty’s collection online and interact with art. 

Again, The Getty Museum’s success has offered several lessons for social media marketers: 

  • You can leverage existing trends for your campaign
  • People love to get involved with user-generated content 
  • Timing is everything – this campaign would not have had the influence it did if everyone wasn’t stuck at home needing a creative outlet 

Check it out here:


Social media is about making connections, and there are countless ways to do that. Finding the right way to connect with your audiences can take careful planning, using both the right social media tools, and your unique combination of products and services, branding, and audience to devise a social media campaign that gets people clicking, commenting, and engaging. 

White Pages Connect can help you reach your audience with one simple tool, allowing you to update business details, schedule social media posts, respond to reviews, and more. It can help you to stay on top of your social media campaigns, no matter which direction you take.