How sat nav can help customers find your business

The phrase ‘satellite navigation’ might be associated with the clunky old GPS systems of days gone by, but the reality is sat nav systems are still very much alive. 

While smartphones may be the technology du jour, there are still many users who prefer GPS navigational devices for their increased safety, reliability and ease of use while driving. In fact, many modern car brands offer in-built sat nav systems that Aussies use to find their way from A to B every day of the week. 

This means if you haven’t considered listing your business on GPS directories, you could be missing out on a valuable opportunity to attract new customers. 

Here are just a handful of ways sat nav can help your business.

Phone and navigation

Diversify your customer base

One of the great things about satellite navigation is that it exists to help people find their way around new places – and one of those new places could be your business. 

Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner and someone is driving through your area looking for a spot to eat lunch during their work day.  With the help of GPS directions they could find your business in a matter of seconds, despite knowing nothing about your local area. 

In other words, a sat nav directory listing opens you up to a whole new world of customers on top of your ‘regulars’. And as any successful business owner will tell you, diversifying your customer base is key to keeping the cash flowing.

Be visible at the right moments

When you list your business in a GPS directory, you’re boosting your visibility during the moments that matter – that is, when people are already searching for the products or services you offer. 

Instead of doing the hard work attracting customers and convincing them to choose your business, you simply have to be visible and available. A customer’s journey from consideration to purchase – which might normally take weeks or months with standard marketing practices– can happen in a matter of minutes.

Beat out competitors

It’s a simple equation: if your business is listed in sat nav directories but your competitors aren’t, you’ll have an immediate edge over them. Potential customers will be more likely to discover and choose your business before your competitors have the chance to put their best foot forward.

map location pins

Display accurate, up-to-date information about your business

Many sat nav systems get their information about businesses from a data provider. These providers often pull data from old online listings or websites, which can result in inaccurate information being displayed. By taking control of your GPS directory listing, you can ensure your business information is accurate, up-to-date and engaging.

White Pages Connect enables you to centrally manage your GPS directory information across apps like HERE, Navmii, Where To, Uber, Waze and more. Get in front of more customers with a single point of control for satellite navigation systems.