Changing your trading hours for Australia Day

This year, Australia Day falls on a Tuesday, which means that many businesses and organisations will be closed on January 26, or perhaps will simply close earlier than usual to mark the holiday. 

However, even if your Australia Day trading hours remain unchanged, it’s important to update your hours so that customers can find accurate, up-to-date information.  So they won’t be left standing outside a locked door, and you don’t miss out on business simply because your customers thought you were closed. 

Make a point of updating your trading hours for Australia Day across all platforms so your customers can access streamlined and accurate information no matter how they choose to search. 

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Updating your Australia Day opening hours on your social media platforms

Many customers will automatically turn to your social media platforms for information regarding your Australia Day trading hours. 

For these platforms, be sure to update the trading hours both in the page information section, and add a status update with your open hours. This will help to ensure your trading hours will be available to those following you who will see the update on their news feeds, and for those who visit your page specifically to search for open hours details. 

You can do this task manually, although you also have the option of using the White Pages Connect tool, which allows you to update multiple social media platforms at once. 

Updating your Facebook Trading hours
Updating your Facebook Trading hours


Updating Australia Day trading hours on your online listings

Online listings such as Google My Business and White Pages are key touch points where your customers will be searching for information about your Australia Day trading hours, so it is vital these are correct. 

Take the time to update each one individually, or save time with the White Pages Connect tool that allows you to update multiple directory listings in one go. You can also use this opportunity to check and update any other details, such as your contact details or product information. 

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Updating trading hours for Australia Day on your website

Finally, don’t forget to update your business hours for Australia Day on your actual website. Many users will head directly to the source for information, and if they don’t find it there, they might simply give up. 

To make it easier for them, you may even add a banner or sticker to your home page for quick access to this essential information. Naturally, if you are offering an Australia Day special or deal, your business hours can be part of this information, including in any marketing materials such as email newsletters. 

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White Pages Connect makes it easy to update your trading hours for Australia Day across social media platforms and online directories with a single tool. It can save you time and help you to engage with customers in an efficient and beneficial manner. Find out more here